Proudly Made in the USA

Enjoy the benefits of

Deep Warm Water

in the privacy of your own home

for as little as



These days it seems everything is made in another country - not just China, but everywhere else except the USA. Not the ThermaPool - it is made right here in the USA.

Plus, we only use American Made products, the material, the steel, the heater and the support equipment - all made in the USA. Why? Because we have found over the years, that yes it may cost a little more to do business here in the US - but the quality is better and it helps our country.

It also allows us the opportunity to modify and customize the pool in a way no other company can. Basically we have combined the customization capacity of traditional in-ground pools with the heat-retention capabilities of a conventional spa. Combining them into a very cost-effective deep warm water pool for in-home use.

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