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ThermaPool Offers so Much for so Little: We would liek to take you on a tour showcasing the uniqueness of our ThermaPool. Feel free to roam the pages as you choose. Below is a complete list of pages on our Website. If you would like a tour, start with Advantages: Your First Link.

Made with You in Mind: ThermaPools are the only pool designed from the ground up as an in-home, deep warm water therapy pool. Better than a spa and better than a pool. With soft-to-touch surfaces and low manitenance design of the system - every aspect of a ThermaPool was designed with you in mind. Please enjoy the tour. The Toll-Free number is at the top of every page, and the Sizes and Prices are at the bottom of every page.

Enjoy the benefits of

Deep Warm Water

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Endless Exercises >> A ThermaPool is an Endless Exercise Pool designed for easy and affordable in-home deep warm water aquatic therapy.

Easy Lap Swimming >> Swimming is only one form of aquatic exercise, but even that is easier and far more affordable in a ThermaPool.

Perform Better Exercises >> Any pool is technically an exercise - ThermaPool brings to your home the access to deep warm water for better exercising.

100% Financing is Available >> Because we understand how important having access to deep warm water on a regualr basis is, we have made owning one very easy and affordable - with very generous approval terms.

So Much Better Than a SwimSpa >> A ThermaPool offers you far superior benefits over a swimspa, and we are typically more than half the cost too.

Better Therapy >> A ThermaPool's superior benefits are far greater than anything a standard pool or spa could ever offer you - and we are whole lot more affordable too.

Aqua-Therapy is More than Just Swimming >> It is true that swimming is very healthy, but that is only a very small part of aquatic therapy. ThermaPool s the best in-home solution.

Best Therapy Pool Solution >> Most customers are not even able to find access to deep warm water in their area. And when they do, the water smells like acid and basically you are swimming in someone else's bath water. YUCK! There is a better solution.

Benefits of Aquatic Fitness >> There is no mistaking the overwhelming evidence, provided to and by doctors, in the benefits of an Aquatic Fitness routine. But deep warm water is the far superior aquatic medium for a variety of reasons.

Cleaner Water Therapy >> Sorry to be gross here, but the CDC recently discovered fecal matter in 70% of all public pools in the USA. How is that suppose to be healthy!?! ThermaPools offer the superior choice for in-home warm Water Therapy.

Five (5) Warranty Explained >> Yes, your ThermaPool is made here in the USA, so it makes it easier to warranty. Some of the other products come from where?...I never heard of that country. Good luck finding an interpreter.

Terms of Sale >> Most ThermaPool customers are needing access to deep warm water. As such, we work very hard to make it possible for them. We understand things change, which may impact your order. Please read the Terms of Sale.

The Most Eco-Friendly Pool >> Bold statement we know, but true. Our pools provide everything an therapy pool seeker is needing for less money, less energy and far less chemicals than any other pool or spa solution.

Exercise Equipment Exclusively Designed for Us >> ThermaPool offers some of the most unique exercise equipment available for use in a pool or spa.

Healthier Choice >> It is not enough to elect to start doing aquatic exercises, the pool or spa you are doing them in plays a huge factor in the overall health benefits. We offer the superior in-home choice.

Pain-Free Exercise >> Dry land physical exercises can be very painful and exhausting for many people. And yet those same people can perform exercises pain-free in the buoyancy of deep warm water. In fact, most of our users finding themselves doing even more.

Feels Better >> From the very moment you enter into your own deep warm water ThermaPool, your body begins to relax. Calming your nerves, your aches and all your joints. Exercise becomes fun again.

Made Especially for You >> That's right. Not only was the pool designed from the ground up as a therapy pool, each one is made to order. That means you can chose the size, the depth, the color everything you need to make it fit your needs and available space.

Reduce your Use of Medicine >> Doctors and physical therapist all agree that a daily routine of deep warm water exercise can reduce your diet of several types of medicine. Consult a physician of course, but do your own research. Even insurance companies recognize over 2,000 ailments treatable with daily deep warm water exercises.

Can't Find a Local Therapy Pool? >> Well how about your garage? Your basement or covered patio? So many patients, who are being prescribed aquatherapy are not able to find a suitable source in their area. Now they can.

Frequently Asked Questions >> These are generally more about the product ThermaPool than about water therapy.

Hydro-Kinesiology What is It >> Kinesiology is the study of motion as it realtes to the physical therapy world. Hydro-kinesiology is that very same study but factoring in the superior benefits of deep warm water as the medium the exercise is performed in.

Everyone can Benefit from a ThermaPool >> Regardless of your physical condition or limitations, the zero body impact of deep warm water exercises means that even if you walk, floating and/or stretch, your body is receiving benefits without the limiting impact gravity has on dry land exercises.

Improved Circulation >> From the moment you enter your ThermaPool, you dramatically improve the circulation of your body. The warm water promotes it, the buoyancy makes it easier and the benefits of every movement you make are dramatically amplified.

Get to Know Us >> We are an ever-growing family. In the years to come, we will be creating more forums where our users can share ideas and stories. But first, before you can join - you have to get to know us.

Advantages: Your First Link >> The far superior benefits and advantages an in-home deep warm water ThermaPool provides you overshawdows the other choices like swimspas and Endless Pools. We are deeper, we are easier to operate and we are a whole lot less money.

Did You Know over 2,000 Ailments are Treatable with Aquatherapy? >> We have a list of ailments that most insurance companies recognize as treatable with deep warm water therapy. Stop the suffering.

American Made >> These days, this is unique. But it includes some incredible opportunities for you to basically design the pool to fit your needs.

Healthier Water >> We offer a cleaner and healthier way to sanitize the water with no maintenance and automatically. When your pool is heating and filtering, it is automatically sanitizing.