Soft-to-Touch Surfaces

We Did Not Forget Your Toes: ThermaPools provide the softest floor surface for users. Unlike spas and other swimming pools, a ThermaPool has a very soft comfy floor padding that is part of the overall design of the ThermaPool.

All spas and swimming pools have hard rigid surfaces that your feet have to stand on. Concrete swimming pools are the worst. The concrete is very abrasive on the foot. And if a therapy user is trying to do a lot of exercises that require standing in the pool, their feet begin to feel abused. But the ThermaPool did not forget the feet.

As part of the overall design of the unique ThermaPool, the base floor of the pool has an important insulated padding underneath. This padding provides additional comfort for the toes and ball of the foot. Though most of your body weight is removed in the buoyancy of the warm water, the toes and feet still have added pressure on them when performing certain exercises. This padding provides a very soft, supple and smooth cushion of air that helps to support the feet.

Here is another example of the superior design a ThermaPool provides those in need of daily access to deep warm water therapy in the privacy of their own home.

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