Customer Support

Support Documents for Download: Below is a list of necessary documents that are available for you to download 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Documents are in English. Some aspects may seem confusing without the pool in front of you. If you have any questions, just contact us at the number above.

Assembly Guide: This multi-page PDF document is in print format. If you can print double-sided, the matching pages are at the base of each page. It contains all the information you need to assembly a ThermaPool. If you every have any questions, just call us and we would be happy to help. Click Here the Assembly Guide >>

ThermaPak Guide: This 2-page PDF document contains the information related to the assembly of the pump, heater and filter combination. Most of the parts come ready out of the box - there is simply some hose attachments needed. Click Here the ThermaPak Guide >>

Electrical Diagram for Heater: This heater is a hybrid system that can run eitehr 220v or 110v. It comes to you 110v ready with a GFCI cord attached. If you elect to go 220v, your electrican can use this diagram to know what to do. Special Note: The TP3 comes with a larger heater that comes 220v Ready - no cord is attached as this has to be done professionally. Again the below link to the diagram will help.

Other Details:

• At 110v, ThermaPak needs a dedicated 20 amp circuit breaker and operates at about 14.5 amps.

• At 220v, the ThermaPak needs a dedicated 30 amp circuit breaker and operates at 23.5 amps.

• The TP3 Heater needs a 50 amp dedicated circuit breaker and operates at 40 amps.

Regardless if you are running 110v or 220v, the pump and ozinator operate at 110v. The ThermaPak is already wired to maintain 110v operation for those units regardless if you are running the heater at 220v or 110v.

Click Here the Electrical Guide >>

SmarTouch Guide: This multi-page PDF document contains the information related to the digital control pad that operates the ThermaPak. One will come with your system, but this is a back up just in case. Click Here the SmarTouch Guide >>