Better Circulation

Warm Water Exercises Promote Greater Circulation: An exercise, movement or routine that you perform in your ThermaPool has an added benefit that land based exercises can not match - greater circulation. By performing the simplest of tasks in the body of deep warm water you promote even greater circulation, an added benefit for your heart, nerves and body as a whole.

There is also an additional benefit to the warm water: the presence of the deep warm water calms the body and loosens the nerves, muscles and joints. This too promotes a far better workout. For example, if you are jogging on a cold day, the cold is hard on the body's muscles and joints. In some cases, it even tightens them which can cause pain or even damage.

Performing a similar exercise in a ThermaPool actually gets better results because the body is far more relaxed. Yes, the circulation is better, but the calming effect on the body is also a crucial component to a valuable exercise workout.

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