Healthier Water

What value is it to your health and well-being if the moment you step into a pool it feels like an acid bath? Sadkly, because of local health regualtions, most community pools are heavily chlorinated to such a point they make blond hair turn green. But it is not just that, your skin itches, the smell is noxious ruining the whole therapy feeling.

Zero-Maintenance Ozonation. We have made keeping your water cleaner and safer easier. Your ThermaPool includes a fully automated ozone generator that injects minute ozne bubbles into the water as the system heats and filters. This ozone bubble kills all living organisms in the water without emitting any odor or smell. Once the organisms are killed, the filter system removes them - keeping your pool clean and inviting.

The idea is to maintain a safe and private warm water experience always ready to serve you and help you get through the day pain-free. And though the Ozinator does 90% of the work, you do on occassion have to add a little bit of liquid chlorine (depending on season and use) from time to time. But these are levels less than municipal bath water.

Enjoy the benefits of

Deep Warm Water

in the privacy of your own home

for as little as



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