5 Year Limited Warranty

We understand that most of our buyers are non-swimming pool professionals, so we have made owning and maintaining a ThermaPool easy and affordable. But if anything goes wrong within the first five years, we will repair at no charge to you, pursuit to the below schedules.

Terms: The first 90 days, we cover shipping both ways. After that, your only obligation is to pay for the shipping to return the item back to us for repair. If, upon inspection, the repair was the result of a manufacturer's defect or error, the shipping costs will be refunded to you (up to $35 USD).

Special Note: As a courtesy to our customers, we offer post-dating on all warranties. If you are buying a ThermaPool package to take advantage of a special offer or sale price but are not planning to set it up right away, just let us know in advance and we will note your account to post-date your warranty.

Warranty Schedules:

Pool, including inner liner, outer shell and frame (not including insulation) are covered fully per the above mentioned terms for a period of Five (5) Years.

Ladder, Pool Cover and FloorGard are covered fully per the above mentioned terms for a period of Three (3) Years.

ThermaPak, including heater, ozinator, pump, filter, filter element and all parts associated with the operation of the complete ThermaPak system are covered fully per the above mentioned terms for a period of Two (2) Years.

All exercise equipment, including Underwater treadmill, SwimMill, ThermaBand, ThermaCord and any other exercise equipment not listed here is covered fully per the above mentioned terms for a period of One (1) Years.

Any part of your ThermaPool not purchased directly from us will not be covered under this warranty.

Things you should know:

√ If an item is received and shows signs of abuse or abnormal use, there will be a charge to repair the item. This charge depends on the item being returned.

√ If an item is inspected and the damage is a result of faulty wiring or faulty install at the buyer's location, no further warranty repair will follow until proof the cause is fixed.

√ If any item is to be serviced, it is solely at the expense of the owner. Pursuit to the Terms of Sale, any item needing to be serviced and repaired, that requires external labor and/or professional help at the pool site, is at the owner's expense. ThermaPool is not obligated to cover any external costs, damage or labor other than what is expressly covered in the above warranty.

√ If the item shows signs of damage due to neglect, high water mineral content or aggressive water chemicals - item will not be eligible for repair and will need to be repalced at owner's expense. Seel advice from a ThermaPool advisor or professional for tips to avoid this.

Disclaimer: This warranty is applicable to only ThermaPool packages. We are not responsible for any other product or accessory purchased from any other source.

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