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A Better Choice for Aqua Therapy: Doctors and physical therapists have long held that the Benefits of Warm Water Hydro-Kinesiology as a viable prescription for ailing patients. Hydro-Kinesiology (also known as Aqua therapy or aquatic therapy) is the "Body stretching and moving within the buoyancy of warm water." By eliminating the high impact of body weight on regular surfaces, aquatic therapy allows your body to float and remove the downward gravity pressure on your bones, muscles and body as a whole.

A ThermaPool is the very best solution for daily access to deep warm-water therapy. It is both easy to use and very easy to operate. ThermaPools come standard with the items you need to start enjoying the soothing benefits of a warm-water therapy in the privacy of your own home. And it all comes for less than you might imagine.

The Benefits of Aqua-Therapy: Aqua therapy is basically any type of exercise or movement within a body of water. This can be a combination of swimming, kicking, stretching, floating and/or generally any kind of movement that allows your body to stretch, expand and/or release tension without body weight restricting movement.

ThermaPools create an environment of buoyancy making it easier to gain motion with less pain and strain on the joints, muscles and body. The value of warm-water therapy is not something new, in fact, doctors have for years proclaimed the Benefits of Warm-Water Therapy and its important role in helping patients recover, athletes soothe their aching bodies, or just an excellent addition to overall wellness. ThermaPools make all that possible in the privacy of your own home.

Aquatherapy is Better within Warm Water: Though it is true that exercise in water is very beneficial, within warm water these benefits are greatly amplified. Warm water soothes the body, relaxes the muscles, eases the pain in joints, and provides an even greater environment for a quick and speedy recovery. Warm water aqua therapy is more than just sitting in a spa, it is a daily routine of movements within the body of warm water.

Conventional spas have tried to mimic this environment, yet their efforts have only produced very expensive shallow therapy spas. A deep warm water ThermaPool produces the right warm aquatic environment for the best types of Resistance Exercises.

Personal Aqua-Therapy Anywhere and Any Time: ThermaPools can be placed almost anywhere where there is a flat level surface; in a basement, a garage,a patio or the backyard. It is so advanced, it can easily tolerate being a few inches out of level, and can be placed right on top of the grass, asphalt, dirt, concrete or any combination thereof.

With a ThermaPool, you can start enjoying the soothing benefits of aqua-therapy any time of day - without driving, without fighting crowds - or swimming in some else's bathwater (Yuck!).

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