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Better Exercises: With deep warm water, even the simplest exercise can have dramatically better results. The Buoyancy Benefit removes the weight of the user's body - making the execise easier and better. And the deep warm water dramatically increases circulation - amplifying the exercise's benefits for your body. Click Here to Watch More >>>

The Buoyancy Benefit: Performing even the simplest of exercises in the buoyancy of deep warm water, can have dramatically better results. This is because of a wide range of benefits exercising in a body of deep warm water provides. Better circulation, greater range of mobility, reduction of body weight on the occupant - all of these dramatically increase the benefits of exercise in a deep warm water ThermaPool.

If You Feel Better, You Do More: It is the same within the warm and soothing water of a deep ThermaPool. From the moment you enter into the pool, you will start to feel the benefits of the pool. Ever exercise you conduct in the depth of a warm water pool can produce far quicker and better results.

Know the Difference: Spas are too shallow and pools are too cold. There is only one choice for access to deep warm water daily, in the privacy of your own home, at an affordable price - ThermaPool.

Think of it as a Gym in a body of warm water.

We Always Have the Right Size for You: No where else can you find a therapy pool that can make this claim - We Always have the Right Size for You. Why? Because your ThermaPool is made to order here in the USA.

We have three sizes listed below. These are basic templates based on occupancy. If you need a single person ThermaPool, but your available area is smaller than the TP1's listed specs - no problem. It can be modified down to fit your available area. Just give us what we call your "foot print" (the area where the pool will be) and we can modify it to fit. Learn More>>

ThermaPools are Very User-Friendly: Are you a swimming pool or spa professional? Probably not. So why would we give you something that requires you to have a degree in water chemistry? ThermaPool was designed for in-home use by the average person. It is designed to be very user-friendly. Just set the desired temperature and let your ThermaPool take care of eveything else.

A ThermaPool is Oh So Soft to Touch: Pool and spas are very hard on your feet and skin. Pools are typically made of concrete which is very abrasive against your skin. And most spas are made of a rigid fiberglass surface. So when a therapy pool user is standing and doing a variety of stretching and resistance exercises, all the pressure is on their feet, toes and ankles.

Again, your ThermaPool is designed specifically as an in-home therapy pool, as a result, the floor is amazingly soft, the walls are soft, in fact every area of the pool that you will use for therapy is very soft to touch. Learn More>>

With a ThermaPool You Will be Hooked: ThermaPools come with a series of grommets at three different levels, that work with the ThermaBand and ThermaCord to create aquatic based resistance exercises. So versatile are these combined items, that you could work every part of your body - and all within the body of warm and soothing water. Learn More>>

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