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Easier Exercises: For so many of our happy customers, the ability to perform certain types of exercises on dry land is almost impossible for them to do. Yet, that same exercise is easy when they do it in deep warm water of their ThermaPool. Listen to one of our customers. Click Here to Watch More >>>

Dry Land Exercises Hurt: Elderly and injured people are challenged in doing dry land exercises because of their own body weight on the portion of their body they are trying to improve. For some, the simple act of picking something up or bending over is done so with great pain and physical effort.

It's Easier in Warm and Soothing Water because all of that added stress and pain is instantly relieved. From the very moment a person enters into their own ThermaPool, they begin to feel the benefits of both the warm and soothing water on their body's nerves, muscles and bones. But the buoyancy of the deep warm water actually promotes a greater range of mobility prompting the user to not only do their required exercises, but in many case even more so.

Endless Exercises: Once a user gets into their ThermaPool they discover an endless opportunity exists in their own warm water pool, to perform exercises that would be too difficult on dry land. The buoyancy makes it so much easier and even more relaxing when the routine is done in deep warm water.

Endless Swimming: Although swimming is only one factor to consider with aquatic therapy, even this is better in a ThermaPool. Unlike other types of swim-in-place designs, a ThermaPool user is able to swim endlessly without ever hitting the wall. But even better, a ThermaPool user can change swim strokes, speeds or even turn over on their back mid-stroke without ever having to stop and adjust anything. Providing endless swimming in your own private warm water pool.

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