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What is the Buoyancy Benefit: The value of deep water in relationship to your body weight is a huge consideration in physical therapy. The deeper the water, the less your body weighs while you are exercising. Submerging your body in a ThermaPool dramatically reduces your body weight by as much as 90%.

If your body weight is 200 pounds and you are of average height, then in a ThermaPool the weight of your body is decreased all the way down to only 20 pounds. This dramatic reduction alone starts a healing process for your body. From the moment you submerge your body into the warm and soothing water depth of a ThermaPool, you start the healing process for your body by:

Decreasing Aches and Pain,

Reducing Tension and Anxiety,

Facilitate better Circulation and Respiratory Flow,

Provides a Greater Range of Body Mobility, and

Puts a Smile on Your Face (when is the last time you said that about physical exercise)

All this from simply stepping into a ThermaPool. And if you begin a daily routine of warm water therapy, you dramatically increase the wellness benefits of your exercise - and the Buoyancy Benefit amplifies that dramatically.

A very good way to look at this is to imagine you have two people, of equal age and health, walking up a hill. Not a steep hill, just a gentle incline. One person is carrying a 100 pounds in a backpack, while the other one is not burdened with any additional weight at all. Which one would reach the top faster and with less effort?

Now imagine doing that everyday. That is basically what your body endures everyday you walk, move, and exercise. All your body weight is on your hips, your legs, your feet. Yet, when you submerge your body into deep warm water for therapy exercises, this weight is reduced by as much as 90%. We offer a Better Value than Spas or SwimSpas.

Our Customers Enjoy

a 90% reduction

in Body Weight

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