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Better Balance Feels Better Too: A common over-looked aspect of dry land exercises is balance. Many people suffer trying to simple bending or stretching exercises because of poor balance cordination. When your body is surrounded by deep warm water, balance is no longer as much of a concern. Click Here to Watch More >>>

Therapy Starts from the First Dip of your Toe: Therapy, by definition, is something soothing to your body. From the very first entrance into your own, private, ThermaPool - your body instantly begins to relax. Most of our users keep the water at about 90ยบ. Although we can achieve warmer temperatures, our users find themselves so active in the pool, the higher temps are uncomfortable. So as soon as you step into the pool, your therapy begins.

First you notice the body is relaxed. Then you notice your nerves are calm. And because of the buoyancy of the warm water, your whole body just lets out a long Awwwwwwww. Every movement you make after that is a therapy exercise. Stretching, walking, bending - it does not matter what you do in a ThermaPool, it is a therapy exercise.

It is true, any exercise performed in water can be considered "aqua therapy" - but if the water is too cold, the body is less relaxed and prone to be more resistive to the exercise. Conversely, if the water has as strong chlorine presence, it smells bad and can be harmful for delicate skin.

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