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Spas are too Passive: Users simply sit and do nothing. This is not therapy at all. Spa temperatures are typically very hot, the jets push water all over and the idea is that this is some how therapeutic. A ThermaPool takes up about the same amount of room, offers almost three times as much warm water depth and is a far superior product for those seeking deep warm water therapy.

As for heating, it costs a whole lot less to heat a ThermaPool primarily because our users are very active in their ThermaPool. As such, the hotter temperatures are unbearable - so most ThermaPool customers keep the water at about 90º. This takes a lot less energy to maintain.

What about Swimming? A swim spa is just that, an elongated spa that has very powerful swim jets you are suppose to swim against. This is a joke for the following reason. If it is a spa, that means the water is at 105º - swimming in that hot of water would be very uncomfortable. Conversely, if you are keeping the water at a lower temperature for swimming - then it is not a spa.

Our users are far more active than a passive spa user. A ThermaPool promotes better circulation without the uncomfortable heat. We want our users to make the most of their warm water gym - but if it is too hot, this can drain the users energy. This becomes counter-productive.

A ThermaPool offers a far greater value over a swim spa. You can enjoy your own ThermaPool, in the privacy of your own home, for as little as $100/mo (oac). Call us toll-free at (855) 476-6572.

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