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Deep Warm Water Makes it Possible: For many of the ThermaPool buyers, being mobile is truly a struggle. Many of them have lost their ability to move about with ease. Even the simplest of physical therapy movements on dry land is extremely difficult.

The buoyancy of deep warm water makes it easier. When a physically challenged person gains access to their own deep warm water therapy pool for daily use, their range of mobility almost instantly increases. Why? Because they are buoyant in the water and are able to do physical therapy without the added weight burden of their own body.

Be Active and Do More: Increasing your range of movement helps you to focus on certain areas of your body that need to be rehabilitated, conditioned and strengthened. Whatever your cause for a lack of mobility, performing your physical therapy exercises in a deep warm water ThermaPool will help you recover faster and stronger.

The ability to stretch on a regular basis is crucial for ailing customers, but the ability to do that same stretch within deep warm water has three times the benefits of dry land stretching.

The range of stretching and your ability to work even more parts of your body, that would otherwise not be possible on dry land, is dramatically greater in a ThermaPool. The range is increased because of the floating benefit of the water, the removal of your body's weight and the presence of warm water - all three work together to help you increase your range of mobility from the moment you enter a ThermaPool. In fact, the soothing benefits of the warm water actually promote movement and motivate you to stretch and develop even more mobility.

As one customer stated it best; "I went from barely able to move about the house, to being completely pain free. Having my own warm pool allowed me to simply do my daily aqua therapy exercises."

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