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A ThermaPool is available in every size: It is the world's first pool, designed from the ground up, to be exclusivly used for in-home therapy and allow daily access to deep warm water.

ThermaPool takes advantage of great advances in technology to bring the most sophisticated yet affordable, eco-friendly warm water therapy pool solution to homes all across the world. From the very moment you slip into a ThermaPool, you will feel the difference from a spa, a swim spa or a regular pool. Every part of the ThermaPool is designed to create a soothing and warm environment for in-home aquatic therapy.

And because they are made here in the USA, a ThermaPool comes in the right size to fit your needs and available space.

ThermaPool is Twice as Deep as Swimspa: The idea behind the ThermaPool is to make access to in-home deep warm water on a daily basis affordable. With the rising growth of aquatic therapy, more people are seeking sources for deep warm water. Sadly though, what they are finding is that availability is very limited. ThermaPool removes the need to drive anywhere to access warm water therapy. With our ability to make a ThermaPool Any Size, we can show you how to turn any available space into a warm water therapy pool location.

Enjoy the benefits of

Deep Warm Water

in the privacy of your own home

for as little as



Advancements in technology and materials make it possible. For example, our patent pending insulated liner material allows the ThermaPool to provide you a soft-to-touch surface with all the insulation qualities of a spa. Even though a ThermaPool is twice as deep as conventional spas, ThermaPool's revolutionary new material is so advance it reduces heat loss by 95%.

Do More Than Swimming in a ThermaPool: Don't sacrifice anything. Swimming is only one example of Aquatic Therapy. We offer a far greater variety of exercises that are ideal for in-home warm water therapy that are not possible in a swim spa.

ThermaPool's unique design and overall function are very user friendly. For years we have been showng customers how they can turn a small area in their

basement, garage or covered patio, into a fully functional aquatic therapy area. And if you do not have available space indoors, that's okay too. A ThermaPool can be placed on any type of level ground, including; grass, dirt, concrete, sand, asphalt or any combination of them

ThermaPool users enjoy soothing and relaxing therapeutic exercises in the privacy of their own home, in a pool designed especially for them.

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ThermaPools are Made in the USA