We Invented the Market

We have been making portable swimming pools for over 20 years. And one of the reasons your ThermaPool is so affordable and yet, so versatile, is because it is the grandchild of a portable swimming pool - unlike swimspas, which are descended from hard-framed fiberglass spas.

This unique feature allows us to deliver exceptional warm water therapy at a cost of a fraction of other pools, spas and/or facilities. In fact, if you compare the monthly costs of heating and maintaining a ThermaPool to a conventional spa, swim spa or in-ground pool - you can see why a ThermaPool is the better choice. And we make eevrything right here in the USA. Learn more about our American Made Product>>

Read Some of Our Customer's Stories: We have been making, selling and shipping ThermaPools worldwide for over 10 years now. And over the years we have received some wonderful pictures and feedback. Be sure to check out our Customer Testimonies page >>

Enjoy the benefits of

Deep Warm Water

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