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The Right Aquatic Fitness Changes Lives: Specifically, deep warm water makes the benefits of an aquatic fitness routine far superior than just plain old dry land exercises. But many customers can not even do the doctor prescribed dry land exercises because it is so hard. ThermaPool makes it easier - just listen to this customer. Click Here to Watch More >>>

Warm Water Makes it Easier: The presence of deep warm water makes the ability to perform all your aquatic fitness routines easier. Most physical therapists understand the importance of a daily routine of stretching and basic bends. But many of these fitness exercises are very difficult for our customers when performed on dry land. But when this same fitness routine is performed as an aquatic exercise - it is easier and even more beneficial.

Aquatic Fitness is more than just swimming, it is a routine of wellness exercises performed in aquatic environment. However, we have found that the presence of deep warm water is far more soothing to the occupant. Creating a more fitting atmosphere for exercising.

Sometimes though, finding a warm water pool in your area, that does not stink to high heaven of chlorine, is very hard to come find. ThermaPool helps to make performing any aquatic fitness routine not only easier, but also offers far greater results - and all in the privacy of your own home.

Amplifying Your Aquatic Fitness: One of the major drawbacks to exercise on dry land is the impact your body weight has on your body. An example is running; with each stride, your body weight is forced downward on to your hips, legs and feet. Yes, special shoes help, but the impact is still the same.

With a ThermaPool, you are able to focus on one area of your body without the added weight of your body's weight. Build your knee, your lower back, or any part of your body without having to carry the added burden of your body's weight.

In deep warm water, the body's weight impact is reduced. Providing you all the benefits of the exercise, without the damage of the impact. But amazingly enough, exercising in the warmth and depth of a ThermaPool takes on a whole new perspective.

Daily routines in the outside world bear down on your body. Routines such as; getting up out of a chair, stepping up a few stairs, moving an object from one location to another - things that you do every single day impact your body’s health and wellness. Doing those

same routines in the deep warm water actually make your body better. Because each of these movements is done without the added weight of your body and are done within warm water - your body’s circulation and blood flow are improved and allowss muscle movement without burden. Learn More about the Buoyancy Benefit >>

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