More FAQ's

"What is the difference between your ThermaPools and regular pools?" One word - insulation. Above-ground portable pools are not insulated. Therefore any heat introduced into the pool water quickly disipates through the wall, floor and surface area. 100% heat loss. Our unique patent pending insulated design recaptures this heat, reducing heat lost by as much as 95%. So because of this "Heat-Recycling", we are able to use a very cost-effective heater and still achieve spa-like temperatures.

Though a regular pool package may cost less on the front end, when you caluclate the lost money on heat loss, the difference between a ThermaPool and others is quickly erroded away after just one full year. So over a five year period, a ThermaPool (kept on average at about 90 degrees) will cost you about 1/5th the cost of a regular pool. Learn more about our Better Design. - Click Here.

"Are they safe for indoor use?" ThermaPools are primarily used by people who want to use them daily. And since we ship these pools all over the country, many users live in areas were the weather is less than friendly year-round. So yes, we designed these pools to work both outdoors as well as indoors. Learn more our advantages - Click Here.

"We are not very handy. Are these pools really that easy?" Our primary customers are people either recovering from sometype of surgery, elderly couples, or families with little or no swimming pool experience. Keeping this in mind we have designed a ThermaPool to be very easy to assembly. The only real requirement is that you have a couple of people available who are able to lift.

"How much space do I need to install your portable therapy pools?" ThermaPools are very well made and ideal for in-home use as they do not require very much space to use and install. Plus, they are made to order so we can always make the Right Size to Fit Your Area. - Click Here.

"We would like to place it in our basement. What about humidity or ventilation?" The insulated properties of a ThermaPool design are so good you actually can achieve spa-like temperatures. However, most users are very active in their ThermaPool, and have found the higher temperatures unbearable. So most people keep the pool water at about 90 degrees. When the pool is not in use, they cover it with the included pool cover. So there really is very little concern for humidity. Normal room ventilation will be fine.

"Can your pools be buried or can I build a deck around it?" Though we would prefer that you spent less time assembling and more time enjoying your personal ThermaPool, we understand that some of our customers like to bury the pools or build decks around them. So, yes, regardless of your choice, you will find the ThermaPool capable of handling it no problem.

"Do I need a professional plumber or electrician to use your ThermaPools?" No on the smaller units, yes, on the larger ones. Our ThermaPools are designed to be used the moment you take them out of the box and finish assembling them. Some customers have used plumbers to hard plumb the lines, but this is not required or necessary on the smaller Thermapools. Be sure to review the contents of each size so that you prepared for what is needed to finish an install.

"I am putting this indoors. Is the pump and filter very loud?" No. In fact, the pump motor is very quiet, not like the super loud systems used with spas and pools. Wish that could be said about children and neighbors....

"Can I use exercise equipment in the pool?" There are a variety of products, produced by other companies, that people have used with our pools - including underwater treadmills, chairs and such. Yes the liner can withstand the use, but if the items has sharp edges or corners, this can damage the pool's liner. It is best to check with us first before using the product.

"In one picture I see a guy swimming. Is that possible in a ThermaPool?" It is possible in the TP2, and TP3. Utilizing a comfortable waist harness that attaches to the ThermaPool's grommets, it holds you in place and allows you to swim continuously without stopping. Learn More.

"How will I know if my water needs special chemicals or treatment?" Your ThermaPool comes an Ozinator that can, in most cases, take care of most of your sanitizing needs. However, there are aspects of some water that the Ozinator can not over come. Your pool water will tell you. If you exit the water and you are scratching your skin, the mineral content is too high. If you enter the water and there is slippery build-up in the water, you may have a build-up of body oil. In any of these case, simply take a jar of water to your local pool supply and have them run a test. Be sure to tell them it is for a vinyl-lined pool (some spas chemicals are for fiberglass spas only). If you are not sure of what is being sold to you, send us an email or call us. If we don't know, we can certainly find out for you.

"My Filter's Gauge has jumped up a lot. Why?" The filter housing has a Pressure Gauge on the top to indicate when the cartridge element is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Typically the best time to clean the cartridge is when the gauge jumps 2-3 points higher than when it started. If you get a dramatic jump in PSI, or after cleaning the cartridge it has not come back down, there are 3 things to check.

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